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Hi and welcome to my site. I'm WD Jackson-Smart, a horror fanatic and horror/crime fiction writer based in London. Having grown up absorbing horror films and books, my passion for the genre led to me wanting to share thrilling and scary stories of my own.


I have self published supernatural suspense thriller Red Light, as well as one horror short story, What's Yours Is Mine, which was shortlisted for the Horror For Good anthology. My third full length novel Slasher, influenced by my love of Hollywood and slasher movies, is out now.

The first two novels in the D.I. Graves crime series, The Demons Beneath (previously Demons) and the sequel From Inside The House, are both out now from Panther Publishing. And guess what, book 3, The Devil's Mark, is released on February 1st 2021!


Take a look around, check out my books, and of course feel free to get in touch!


- WD Jackson-Smart

Had me going all the way to the very end... just macabre.

Barbara T Cerny, Author of The Tiefling (Reviewing The Demons Beneath)


Genuinely creepy and panic inducing... a great police thriller.

The Books of Blood (Reviewing The Demons Beneath)


An inspired premise... There are legions of readers who eat this stuff up.

Geoff Johnston, UK Horror Scene (Reviewing Slasher)


Jackson lures readers in and holds them, which is always a sign of good

writing filled with experience with the genre.

J Cheiser, Online Book Club (Reviewing Slasher)



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