Here is where you will find what I'm up to, including readings, book signings and online events.

From Inside The House is released!
Book 2 in the D.I. Graves crime series is officially out now from Panther Publishing!
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July 1st 2019

Feb 1st 2021

The Devil's Mark is finally here!
Book 3 in the D.I. Graves crime series is officially out now from Panther Publishing!
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June 1st 2019

The Demons Beneath is released!
The Demons Beneath (previously Demons) is officially out now from Panther Publishing!
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Mar 6th 2019

I've signed to Panther Publishing
Exciting news! The D.I. Graves series will now be published by Panther Publishing. The Demons Beneath (previously Demons) will become part of their book catalogue with the launch of its sequel From Inside The House, releasing June 1st and July 1st 2019 respectively.

May 26th 2017

Radio Interview
I'll be talking to Bob Brown on about all things ghostly and supernatural as well as discussing the inspiration behind my new novel Demons.

April 22-29 


Spring Sale: Books for £0.99 or free
For one week, April 22-29, Slasher and Demons will be just £0.99 and Red Light and What's Yours Is Mine will be free. Enjoy!
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Mar 6th 2017

Demons: Release date
My new novel Demons is finally coming! It'll be released as an e-novel on March 6th, but you can pre-order it now!
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Nov 30th 2015

Cyber Monday $0.99 Deal
To celebrate Cyber Monday, the ebook version of Slasher will be $0.99 (or equivalent) on Kindle. The offer lasts for just one day, so don't miss out!

July 11-12th 2015

HorrorCon UK
I will be at HorrorCon Uk in Sheffield this year, on July 11th and 12th, and may even be doing a reading, so come and meet me and grab a signed copy of one of my books while you're there!
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Mar 19th 2015

Interview with Daniel W. Kelly
Horror author and lover Daniel W. Kelly quizzed me on all things Slasher, my inlfuences, and what is coming next for Detective Joshua Matthews!

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Nov 13th 2014

SLASHER Launch Event
The exclusive launch of my new novel Slasher was held at 40 Partners in London. Click here to see some pics from the event.

Oct 27th 2014

SLASHER Release Date
Slasher was first released on ebook and in paperback, through Amazon. 

Oct 20th 2014

Interview with Jon Michaelson
Writer and crime addict Jon Michaelson will be asking me all about my books, the world of horror and crime writing, and what it's like to be a gay author in such a popular genre.

Sept 26th 2014

Interview with Written In Blood
I talk to John Mountain from Written In Blood about my writing style, what inspires me, and how my new novel Slasher came to be.

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Sept 4th 2014

The Return of the Slasher
My guest blog for Moviepilot on how new videogame Until Dawn is set to bring the slasher genre back to the fore. 

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