How to spot a serial killer

The above image is the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy. Would you have known he was a real life slasher villain if you had met him? Could you have seen the warning signs? Probably not, but here are a few key traits to look out for in serial killers. You know, just in case.

1. They tend to be very intelligent, well spoken, charming and often extremely polite.

2. They often have a strong dislike for their own parents, sometimes due to psychological or physical abuse when young, and may have had no father figure growing up.

3. They can be extremely manipulative. It might be hard to recognise if you are being manipulated, but you can still often pick up on this trait instinctively.

4. Psychopaths in particular can often show a lack of emotion, with little or no conscience, and see the world in terms of cause-and-effect.

5. They can be extremely voyeuristic, and show signs of obsession aimed at individuals.

6. It is thought that a love of starting fires or burning things can indicate someone with psychopathic tendencies.

7. Lastly, they are often single or divorced white men in their thirties.

This is of course just a simple and by no means exhaustive list, and there are naturally exceptions to each rule. There are for example some very well known female serial killers. Gives you something to think about though. Have a look around you. Does anyone you know happen to fit the bill?

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