Demons is unleashed!

Hey everyone, I am very excited to announce that my new novel Demons is out today! Therefore I wanted to take some time out to thank all of you that have been so supportive of me and my writing over the years.

You may or may not know that releasing Demons has proven to be quite a struggle. It was initially to be the sequel to my previous novel Slasher, but when I had issues with the rights to Slasher, I decided to reboot Demons and make it the first in a new series.

This was no easy decision and it meant changing a huge amount of already written work. Characters, back stories, settings, even the ways in which the main detective, D.I. Graves, operates. What was once a story set in LA became a brand new beast, now set in London. It all had to work in a new way, to flow well and read like a fresh start. It was tough going for a while.

I then spent 6 months trying to go the traditional publisher route. I tried to secure an agent, tried to get a publisher, contacted everyone and every company I could think of that would be a good alignment for me and my writing, but despite some vague interest, Demons was not picked up.

It was worth it though. The time spent on Demons to make it a brand new start, for the story, for Graves, and for me as a writer once more tossed into the tricky and competitive world of self publishing, has been a time of great learnings and growth.

And throughout, as I've been posting updates on Facebook and Twitter, you have all stayed with me along the way, excited to read Demons and support my writing. I have often felt like giving up - when publishers weren't interested, when I got the 50th rejection letter, when the writing itself was not going my way.

Writing though is something I enjoy - and the feeling of knowing that even a few people out there have read and enjoyed my work - so I'm determined to keep going. I hope you'll all go and check out Demons, and even more I hope you enjoy it!

And guess what, I'm already a good way through the sequel, so D.I. Graves will definitely be back, facing another brutal and thrilling case. Hopefully you won't have to wait 2 years for it either!

Thanks again everyone,


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